5 Arousing Positions For Maximum Pleasure

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Let’s accept it, a “good romp” can be mood elevating and sometimes downright fantastic. If you want some action in between the sheets and out of it, you know where to look. But if you want to take the fun a notch higher, then you need that Casanova vibe all working for you. Let’s assume that you are good at the craft, let’s help you heighten your pleasure quotient with some sex positions. We are hoping you know about it, but we’ll talk about them anyway. Jaipur Hot escorts

No need mentioning, let’s not overlook the value of a good foreplay. A good oral enjoyment can set the mood right for a hot and stimulating sex afterwards. You don’t need to be an expert in kamasutra to know how to please your partner. You can go down on your partner, whisper sweet nothings, play with their erogenous zones, and end up readying them for the next level of blast. Escorts in Malviya Nagar

Let’s jump to the moves that you need to add spice to your escapade.

Lovin it doggie

This one is a timeless classic we cannot stop talking about. The way you reach your partner from behind when they kneel over, while holding their hips or squeezing their boobs, can be deeply satisfying. Doggie style deep penetration can be stimulating for both partners while leading you into a climax with deep thrusts that you don’t get to enjoy everyday. We suggest you ease your partner into it before you get down on all fours. Escort service in jaipur
Summer of 69
This one is not strictly a coital meeting. A lost art of oral pleasures, this one dates back in the pleasure book since time immemorial. With both partners playing their tongue to stimulate the other side, this can lead to multiple orgasms on both ends. Make sure to tell your partner when you are ready to ejaculate so that it don’t come as a surprise. And the best part is that you get to enjoy it in summers and winters likewise.

Reverse Cowgirl 
This is totally meant to pamper your man while pushing yourself deep into the beauty knot. This one allows complete control of the female on top, opening up the threshold to multiple orgasms. This one is a visual stimulation for both the man and woman, with the man enjoying the booty view moving up and down. The women straddles, and makes for a smokin’ hot position for a man who lets VIP escort in jaipur the woman pleasure him for a change.

Butter Churner
Feel the rush of blood in your head give you a high, when you lean onto your partner who is lying on her back with legs raised and folded out front. Butter churner is an amazing position to thrust the pelvic zones, mostly the G-spot of your partner into making them horny and yield to the beautiful connection. While the man squats in this position, the women would enjoy the thrusting from below with deeper intensity.

Missionary Style
Spice up the fun quotient with man-on-top intimacy. This one is straight out of the sex playbook with a man having a sight of the breathtaking sights of the women’s anatomy. You get to show-off your virility, machismo or play it light to take your partner to an otherworldly climax. You get to enjoy the sexiest part of the female body and get a load-off all in a single shot. It can’t get any better than that.
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